Curated talent on-demand and excellent contract employment

Whether you need additional talent channels or recruit your own contractors, HireArt makes hiring excellent contractors easy.

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A network of handpicked staffing firms when you need them

Access the sourcing power of dozens of top recruiters the moment you need them. No new contracts or additional costs. Specialized recruiting’s a click away.

  • Meet top tier talent the world’s best companies rely on
  • HireArt’s an outlet valve for your team. Recruiting support the instant it’s needed
  • Save time with automated interview scheduling and a simple UI

A 93% offer acceptance rate

Getting candidates to accept contract offers shouldn’t be a coin flip. HireArt provides an employment package and experience worthy of your people.

  • The industry’s best contract employee Net Promoter Score — 77.3%
  • Simple software, self-serve tools, and expert HR support for your contractors
  • HireArt provides the industry’s best benefits packages

Seamless integrations with your existing talent stack

Experience a contract hiring tool that works in harmony with your internal tools and increase your team’s efficiency.

  • HireArt integrates with leading Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS tools
  • Easily send candidates to HireArt from your ATS or send candidate data from HireArt into your internal tools
  • Comprehensive, customizable reporting and data helps you optimize your talent strategy

HireArt offers industry best pricing across job categories

With HireArt you can scale your talent your way, with flexible tools and resources to help you meet your hiring goals, all while keeping within budget.

  • Leverage the platform’s automated direct sourcing to save money
  • Easily onboard pre-identified workers directly from your ATS
  • Grow your company with cost-effective flexibility

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