Global compliance
for your contract workforce

Rest easy and leave the administrative and legal burden of your contract workforce to HireArt. Compliance is guaranteed, no matter where in the world your workers live and work.

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An illustration of the HireArt platform that can be used building and running your contract workforce. The platform has a clean, modern design with various sections for users to navigate, including contractor data, custom documents, worker classification features, screenings and is SOC 2, ISO 27001 compliant. The interface is easy to use and visually appealing, with a blue, white and green color scheme. Overall, the platform appears to be a powerful tool for managing contractors.

Shield yourself from
risk with the right documentation and contracts

We lay the groundwork for a compliant workforce with localized contracts, employment agreements, employee handbooks and more.

  • Fully customizable contracts, onboarding documents, and more
  • We stay on top of legislative changes and ensure compliance
  • We provide transparent access to executed agreements for your entire roster
An illustration showing key custom document features of the HireArt platform. Overall, the illustration emphasizes the platform's focus on customization, compliance, and transparency in managing contract workforces.
An illustration is shown featuring three elements. The first element is a lock, symbolizing security and protection. The second element is a person, indicating that HireArt provides personalized guidance and support to its users. The third element is a set of filters, representing the customizable features of the platform.

Make sure you’re protected from co-employment risks

Understanding co-employment risk is challenging as legislation and enforcement priorities change regularly. We’re a trusted partner to keep you safe.

  • We offer expertise and guidance from our hands-on compliance team
  • On-site HireArt human resources available for large contractor teams
  • We’re continuously engaged with our contractors through check-ins, performance reviews, and more

Eliminate worker classification risk

Tame the complexity of worker classification and indemnify yourself from risks. Easy-to-use, automated, and compliance is guaranteed.

  • Rest easy with ongoing surveying of workers and managers
  • We stay on top of legislative changes so you don't have to
  • Advice and guidance to get the outcome your business needs, compliantly

Automated, reliable pre-employment (and ongoing) screenings

We provide guardrails to ensure contractors are fully screened, eligible to work, and remain that way.

  • HireArt automates criminal background checks, moving vehicle records, drug testing, and more
  • Automated ongoing monitoring of background checks, moving vehicle records and random drug testing
  • Get results instantly and never be forced to delay a start date again

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