Eliminate worker classification risk

HireArt helps you tame the complexity
of worker classification and indemnify yourself from risks. Easy-to-use, automated, and compliance is guaranteed.

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Rest easy with
ongoing surveying

Ongoing surveys of both contractors and managers ensure that if work responsibilities change over time, you remain compliant.

  • Automated contractor and manager questionnaires
  • Hours worked and deliverables monitored for flags
  • Offload work and administrative burden

Comply with ever-changing employment law

Employment and payroll law shifts constantly, as do jurisdictional enforcement priorities. HireArt’s a trusted partner that ensures you’re always on-side

  • We stay on top of legislative changes so you don't have to
  • Easily understand risk by jurisdiction
  • Expertise across 50 states, Canada, and internationally

Reduce lengthy onboarding times and costs

Determining the correct worker classification takes days (or even weeks!) and often includes expensive legal fees. Save time and money with technology.

  • Automate worker classification and reduce internal administrative burden.
  • Cut time-to-hire with reliable guidance, fast
  • Ensure an excellent contractor onboarding experience
An illustration is shown highlighting the features of HireArt that help eliminate worker classification risks. The image depicts three elements, starting with gears to represent the platform's customizable features. The second element is an onboarding checklist, indicating the platform's ability to handle the entire onboarding process. The third element is a clock, representing HireArt's efficient and timely service.

Insight to advise, guide,
and get the right outcome compliantly

HireArt helps assess risk and provides concrete steps to help you classify workers compliantly and achieve your strategic workforce goals.

  • Get insight into changes you can make to achieve proper classification
  • Manager training and guidance ensure best practices
  • We help you navigate the grey area

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