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HireArt helps contract workforces run with unequaled ease and flexibility. It's a simple interface built with embedded Employer of Record and Sourcing functionality, giving you the strategic visibility you need.

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An illustration displaying a vendor management interface. The interface shows several options, including a settings icon, staffing partners, and a search icon. On the screen, there are also several worker avatars visible, representing the workforce. The interface appears modern and streamlined.

Gain total visibility into
your contract workforce

One customizable place for jobs, contractors and vendors. Know your spend, compare vendor performance, and get a full picture of your contract workforce.

  • Onboard and track contractors + vendors in just 90 seconds
  • Simple dashboards to monitor onboarding, hours, hiring and more
  • Track workers by department, project, vendor and more
An illustration showing an avatar representing a direct manager welcoming that can onboard workers. Several call outs are for projects, departments, vendors and time clock.

No additional vendors needed

A traditional vendor management system tries to create visibility into service providers and point solutions, but workflows become complex and disconnected. Avoid that with HireArt.

  • All of the tools you need, embedded. Employer of Record, Sourcing, Freelancer Compliance in one platform
  • Lightweight and simple VMS features work like they should. Yes, really!
  • HireArt has service built in so you have backup when you need it

Give your team a friendly, modern tool and eliminate rogue spend

An intuitive UI to increase internal adoption and centralize your contract workforce for easy self-management. Simple new user onboarding with no training necessary.

  • Fast and easy job creation, approval, and distribution
  • Automated interview scheduling makes hiring a breeze
  • Give your team the care they deserve with our expert Accounts team
An illustration displaying job listings with a button that lets you add a new job.

Eliminate manual work with automations, integrations, and APIs

Reduce administrative work by 90% — simple no-code integrations keeps HireArt in sync with key tools and simplifies day-to-day workflows.

  • No more data entry into your HRIS
  • Automated background checks, document signing, and worker classification
  • Simple workflows for spend and SOW approvals

Optimize program performance
with on-the-spot analytics

Instant data on time-to-hire, vendor performance, tenure, billing, spend, turnover (and more) at your fingertips.

  • The insight you need when you need it
  • Unrivaled customization and simplicity
  • Open access — tap into HireArt data with your
    Business Intelligence tools

Get started fast with the industry’s easiest implementation

Avoid a 12 month implementation project and get results in weeks not months with HireArt.

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