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Exploring the benefits of consolidating contract workers under a single employer of record

How Zoox consolidated 88 contract workers into a single employer of record, maintaining a 90% retention rate and a worker NPS 45 points above industry standard by using HireArt.

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How Via made 1193 hires with a 91% retention rate across 85 cities using HireArt.

Learn how Via used HireArt to support rapid expansion, help them to manage complex compliance requirements around transportation roles, and build a talented contract workforce that aligns with their mission and values.

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HireArt is an end-to-end solution to handle every part of the contract employment journey. We provide the tools, visibility, and services for our clients to easily manage their contract W2 workers, 1099 freelancers, and staffing vendors in a single platform.


HireArt has the industry’s best contractor net promoter score (NPS) of 77.3


Our client NPS score. Traditional MSP and VMS providers average -19 and -28 respectively


Average cost savings for clients who move contractors to HireArt

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