Exploring the Benefits of On-Site Support

Exploring the Benefits of On-Site Support

The many ways an HR presence for your contract workforce provides immediate benefits

Guest Writer: Samra Pehlic, Worker Experience Specialist, HireArt

Why have a representative from your contract workforce human resources (HR) team work on site? A better question might be to ask why not?

Why an On-Site Presence?

For companies that employ contract workers, having an HR representative on site provides employees with feelings of inclusion and support. This in turn boosts employee morale and, subsequently, employee readiness and productivity.

Additional benefits to having an HR representative on site include:

  • Faster response times
  • One-on-one conversations and guidance
  • On-site manager and employee trainings
  • Recognition of administrative or workflow inefficiencies 
  • Better management of legal compliance concerns

The Contractor Experience

At HireArt, we strive for the contractors’ experience to go a step even further than this, with a smooth, worry-free onboarding, regular check-in calls, and almost around the clock service. We lead by example through our core values of showing compassion, consistency, and urgency around all requests.

When contractors are shown compassion, they feel valued within their role in the company. When there’s consistent communication and announcements, contractors feel well informed and equipped to handle their responsibilities. And when each inquiry is treated as urgent, contractors are able to build trust with their HR team and company.

Impact and Results

Our passion towards the employee’s experience and top of the line service is highlighted directly in our client and employee surveys. Recent survey reviews include:

  • “I will alwaysss give HireArt 10+!”
  • “Response times are quick and everyone is so kind.”
  • “Our HR reps are wonderful assets in helping us stay organized. They know our contractors and our contractors trust them.”

When a contractor’s fears of not being well supported are addressed and prioritized far before their start date, stakeholders are able to fully witness the astounding difference in work productivity and achieving project goals.

A Total Solution

HireArt is the only complete platform that gives companies all of the tools they need to manage their own contract workforces. We embed global employer of record (EOR), on-demand sourcing, vendor management, and freelancer compliance into a single, unified contract workforce platform.

Learn why HireArt maintains an industry-leading contractor NPS score (77.3) by scheduling a discovery call today.

About Samra

University of Missouri-Columbia graduate and experienced human resources professional. Samra works closely with client organizations to manage onboarding and offboarding processes as well as provide guidance and support to employees and clients on a wide range of HR related issues.

Samra collaborates with managers and team leaders to address sensitive issues, implement coaching, and improve the work environment. Through dedicated onsite support to managers on performance management, including setting goals, conducting performance evaluations, and addressing performance issues, Samra helps to ensure maximum readiness and efficiency from contract workforce programs.

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