Fill all of your contract jobs in a single tool

One easy tool. Meet talent from a handpicked network of staffing vendors and HireArt direct sourcing.

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Our sourcing easily
scales to meet your needs

Whether you are filling a handful of roles or building out an entire program, HireArt has you covered with scalable sourcing resources.

  • Instantly access a network of staffing firms without having to ID your own vendors
  • Easily add existing, proven staffing partners to HireArt
  • Expert curation and assessment lets you focus on only the best candidates

HireArt offers
industry-best pricing
across job categories

With HireArt you can grow your team your way, with flexible tools and resources to help you meet your hiring goals, all while keeping within budget.

  • Leverage the platform’s automated direct sourcing to save money
  • Easily onboard pre-identified workers directly from your ATS
  • Grow your company with cost-effective flexibility

Reduce time-to-hire
with self-serve tools
and automation

Client empowerment is our passion - we provide the tools and guidance to ensure the timely completion of your hiring goals.

  • Self-serve tools to create jobs, maintain pipelines, and set interviews
  • HireArt works closely with you to identify competitive market pay rates
  • Create a candidate experience worthy of your brand - HireArt can help

Predictive assessments
help you save time

With HireArt, hiring managers get deeper insight into job seekers letting them make informed, data-driven hires.

  • Role-specific, work sample assessments create shortlists of talent
  • Build a divergent workforce around diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Structured assessments provide guardrails against unintentional bias

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