Now Available: Exploring the MSP Landscape

Now Available: Exploring the MSP Landscape

HireArt white paper unpacks third-party management of contract workforces and what’s next for the industry

Contract workforce management is a decidedly complicated process. Due to the complexity and volume of managing vendor relationships while adhering to compliance requirements, most organizations eventually look to outsource the management and administration of their contract workforce to a third party.

These managed service providers (MSPs) are service organizations that take on administrative tasks to drive critical processes and manage all relationships with stakeholders and vendors.

This white paper explores the complexity of contract workforce management that third party service organizations attempt to tame, as well as what an adequate response to prevailing industry challenges looks like. Download our white paper to learn more!

In addition you’ll learn:

  • The most prominent MSP organizations within the contract workforce management industry today
  • The most common industry challenges, and how well current solutions are positioned to address them
  • What the future holds for contract workforce management

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