Announcing HireArt's $26.25M Series B

Announcing HireArt's $26.25M Series B

At HireArt, we talk a lot about how lucky we are to be doing work that has a real and tangible impact on the lives of the people we serve — our contract employees.

When we first dove into the contract staffing industry in 2017, one of the things that excited us most was tackling a problem that matters. For the vast majority of people, where they choose to work is the single most important economic transaction they’ll ever make. And for better or worse, people see their work as part of their identity. They care about the work they do, take enormous pride in it, and how it’s managed matters deeply to them. It’s a responsibility of enormous consequence, and one that motivates us to be better every day.

Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve closed a $26.25 million dollar Series B funding round led by Three Fish Capital with participation from over a dozen Angel investors. With this funding, the future we’re building towards — an end-to-end platform that connects contract workers to great companies and provides employment worthy of their care, passion, and skill — is within reach.

Our Vision

We want to create a world where contract workers don’t feel they’re navigating a vast ocean of sophisticated companies whose interests aren’t aligned with theirs. Where they can be guided to finding meaningful work and know that they have someone in their corner the entire time.

We want to create a world where employers can find, manage and foster talent with the push of a button. All the while knowing that their workers will receive the best treatment, and that HireArt supports every step in the process to help ensure that the employment relationship is happy and successful.

Work is how people spend at least 30% of their waking life. It’s how innovation happens, how goods and services get to the people who need them, and how important things get done. We believe that work, as it’s currently practiced, is only reaching a fraction of its potential in terms of letting people spend their days on positive collaborations and meaningful contributions. Our goal is to create a platform that unlocks the full potential of the working relationship.

We recognize that employing people is an exceedingly complicated and messy arrangement - with endless opportunities to improve. We know we won’t always get it right, and sometimes we will even mess up. We are up for the challenge!

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