Now Available On Demand: The Forgotten Middle

Now Available On Demand: The Forgotten Middle

Why Mid-Size Contingent Workforces Are Underserved

The current VMS/MSP/agency vendor model works well for large-scale contingent workforce programs, but is simply not built to scale down for smaller organizations. This has left a sizable underserved mid-market segment, which struggles with program complexity, limited support resources, and a lack of scalable solutions.

In this webinar, HireArt co-founders are joined by special guest Angela Westhead of Zendesk to discuss the reasons behind this disconnect and tackle head-on the challenges that contingent workforce staff in mid-size programs face on a daily basis. With her experience working on CW programs of varying sizes, Angela shares her valuable perspective on these and other issues in this session.

Learn more about the challenges of managing a mid-size contingent workforce program and how to take them on by watching our webinar, which is now available on demand.

What You’ll Learn

  • The unique challenges of running a mid-size program, and how to effectively manage without the resources of an enterprise-sized organization
  • Common (and unsatisfying) workarounds to avoid
  • Why managers of mid-size programs tend to get bogged down in transactional tasks, and how to become strategic once again

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