2023 HireArt
Top Performers

Recognizing the top suppliers in
the HireArt Staffing Partner Network

HireArt is privileged to work alongside some incredible agencies that make up the Staffing Partner Network. As we reflect on the accomplishments we’ve made together, we’d like to take a moment to look back at some particularly inspiring performances of 2023. The following awards celebrate the exceptional efforts and achievements of our staffing partners and their teams.

Quality of Placements Winners

The Quality of Placements award acknowledges agencies that consistently provide high-quality candidates who not only meet the required skills but also thrive within the client's organization.

Rising Star Award Winner

The Rising Star Award recognizes newer staffing agencies that have quickly made a positive impact and show great promise in the industry.

High-Volume Recruitment Excellence Winners

The High-Volume Recruitment Excellence award recognizes agencies that excel in managing and fulfilling a large volume of job orders while maintaining quality standards.

Success in Hard-to-Fill Positions Winner

The Success in Hard-to-Fill Positions award celebrates agencies that demonstrate excellence in successfully filling challenging or hard-to-fill positions, highlighting their expertise and resourcefulness.

Rapid Impact Winners

The Rapid Impact award acknowledges the efforts of more tenured agencies that have truly developed their craft to a T. These agencies overcome any challenges they encounter with efficiency and grace.

We extend our congratulations to all of our winners for their outstanding contributions. Thank you for your continued efforts, and we look forward to another year of collaboration and success together.

The Staffing Partner Network is an ecosystem where agencies of all sizes access our marketplace of open jobs, identify candidates, and submit them. We manage documentation, interviews, onboarding, and employment, allowing staffing partners to focus on sourcing and recruiting.

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