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New York, NY
Expected Pay Rate:
$100,000.00 - $140,000.00 per year
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Job Description

HireArt is looking for a Full-stack Engineer to help architect and implement features in our Rails back-end and React front-end.

Who we are:

HireArt is building the first full-stack platform for businesses to source, employ, and manage contract W2 employees. HireArt’s employment platform is the world’s first fully-featured HRIS for the contract W2 workforce, a massive and growing segment of the labor market. We combine hiring and employment in a single platform to create a magical experience for businesses: search, interview, make offers, and manage workers in a single place.

We believe that contract work should be easy to find and should come with all of the benefits & support associated with permanent employment. We think “gig work” is bad for workers: and that we can provide workers the security and stability of traditional W2 employment while still giving businesses the flexibility they need to scale their companies and workforces.

What you'll do at HireArt:

In addition to implementing features in our Rails back-end and React front-end, you'll also contribute to our R&D effort, working with domain experts to incorporate their knowledge and experience into the web app.


We're open to both fully remote employees based in North America as well as in-person work at our office in New York, NY (once reopened).

Our tech stack includes Rails, React, GraphQL, some Redux, Postgres, Git, and Heroku. Each engineer has ownership over specific product verticals, and we enlist each other's help to get things shipped. We like to have thoughtful group discussions on a range of topics, from software architecture to company strategy. We make sure every voice is heard and every opinion is considered.

Ideally you:

  • Have 2+ years of professional programming experience
  • Are comfortable in at least one modern Javascript front-end framework (ideally React)
  • Are interested in the hiring process and are excited about improving it
  • Are a strong communicator, both synchronously and asynchronously
  • Are excited about being a part of (and fostering) an engineering culture that embraces collaborative exploration in the pursuit of robust, scalable solutions

Commitment:This is a permanent, full-time (40 hours per week), W-2 position with HireArt and is open to United States- and Canada-based candidates who are authorized to work in either of those countries. Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor visas.

HireArt values ​​​​diversity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Company Description

HireArt is building the talent cloud for W-2 contractors.  Companies can use our modern, full stack platform to source and employ their contingent workforce.

HireArt’s customers use contractors to spin up new projects and in most cases they must be employees (W-2s) rather than independent contractors (1099s). To develop a new product, for example, a company might need a frontend software engineer skilled in JavaScript, Node and React and a backend engineer versed in Python. To implement an Oracle Cloud ERP application, it might source an Oracle Cloud Specialist. Because our customers want to control when, where and how the work is done, labor laws require their contractors to be W-2 employees rather than freelancers. 

Historically, sourcing and employing W-2 contractors has been a nightmare. Whereas companies like Upwork make hiring freelancers for gig projects a breeze, when companies need W-2 contractors, they have traditionally turned to thousands of fragmented, sub-scale staffing agencies. Agencies rely on an army of recruiters to manually recruit candidates, resulting in long fill times, low fill rates and eye-popping markups (markups frequently reach 60-100% of each hour billed!). Painful as sourcing has been, employment has been more painful still.  Whereas companies like Gusto and Zenefits help SMBs employ their direct hires, offering a turnkey solution for onboarding, payroll, and benefits, agencies employing contractors require their clients to interface with manual processes and rickety point solutions. A company hiring 200 contractors through a dozen staffing agencies, each with its own point solutions for payroll, time & attendance, benefits administration, PTO, expense reimbursement and so on, for example, might be burdened by (say) 100 point solutions, each with a separate login – if, that is, the agency offers any software at all.

HireArt is a modern platform designed to address the needs, multiple parties, and idiosyncratic workflows of contract staffing. To source contractors, hiring managers can create job requisitions, search our directory of qualified and available contractors, review applicants we have assessed and shortlisted, schedule interviews, extend offers, conduct background checks and digitally onboard new hires.  To employ contractors, HireArt stands in as the employer of record. Hiring managers can use our platform to conduct payroll, manage time and attendance, administer benefits, respond to PTO requests, review expense submissions; and maintain compliance. Uniquely, the solutions on our platform are unified and self-serve.

Using HireArt, our customers can source and hire qualified contractors for a new project within days and effortlessly manage them throughout their assignments. While most of our customers first engage HireArt to source for a specific job, as they experience the advantages of a modern employment platform, many eventually choose HireArt as a single platform to employ and manage the entirety of their contingent workforce, including workers they source themselves.

Our business is profitable and rapidly growing but we are still in our first inning. While we've already helped build teams at hundreds of admired companies including Facebook, Toyota, Google, and Airbnb, we are now turning our focus to scaling. The TAM for contract staffing, we estimate, is approximately $200 billion in the US alone. 

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