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Menlo Park, CA
Expected Pay Rate:
$70.00 - $80.00 per hour
40 hours per week, Monday-Friday
Assignment Length:
12 month contract
Job Description

HireArt is helping our client hire a Taxonomist to fully own, lead and validate their multi-dimensional taxonomy framework which will power richer, more accurate labeling of online community groups while leveraging cross-team infrastructure and practices.

develop, maintain, and grow a multi-dimensional taxonomy for a complex, many-faceted product while integrating it into a broader taxonomy/ontology infrastructure.

In this role, you will focus on the strategic planning, design, and implementation of taxonomies to help achieve goals for the Communities Product Group team, such as supporting the categorizing and labeling, machine learning and content understanding systems of online community groups.

An ideal candidate will be a self-motivated, team-player who is able to partner with different teams across the organization to contribute to the overall business objectives of the organization.

As Taxonomist, you will:

  • Create best practices for taxonomy governance and management, the metadata and vocabulary standards, the process and criteria for change management, and cross-functional relationships
  • Collaborate closely with Product Data Operations to optimize relationships and process, and to measure the effectiveness of the taxonomy for labeling and machine classification
  • Plan and design taxonomy management and a maintenance program
  • Collaborate with other taxonomists to ensure the our client's Groups taxonomy integrates into the overall taxonomy/ontology infrastructure while also adapting it to the Groups product's unique needs (multi-dimensional taxonomy)
  • Identify, analyze and troubleshoot data quality problems from results of labeling efforts and modeling predictions to inform taxonomy improvements
  • Educate stakeholders on an ongoing basis to champion the taxonomy process, workflows and implementation frameworks

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, communications, or a related field
  • Experience developing and managing product taxonomies for business (advertising preferred)
  • Prior information architecture experience
  • Ability to drive multiple teams to consensus/alignment

Commitment: This is a full-time (40 hours per week), 12-month contract position through HireArt and based in Menlo Park, CA (once offices reopen). This role may require frequent travel between our client's offices in Menlo Park, CA and Seattle, WA.

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