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Video Interview Tips

Last Updated: January 24 2014 at 06:27pm EST

Given the widespread availability of internet and webcams, employers are becoming increasingly more comfortable asking applicants to complete video interviews. In many ways, video interviews are just like normal interviews in terms of your preparation and content. However, there are some aspects that are unique to video interviewing, which is why we'd like to give you some video interview tips.

Video Interview Tips

Video Interview Tips - Logistics

1. Check how many times you will be able to re-record the video.

Depending on the software, you might be allowed to record your clip as many times as you like or just a few amount of times. At HireArt, you can re-record and review as much as you like, but once you've submitted your video, you cannot edit it. Before you get started, make sure you know the rules!

2. Check what the time limit is on your responses.

Different companies and different softwares have vastly different answer lengths and limits. Use their instructions and limits to plan your answer and make sure to always stay within the recommended amount.

3. Check whether your camera and microphone are working before you get started.

Many video recording softwares make you record a short test video to see whether everything is working. If they do not and they allow you to re-record the video an unlimited amount of times, do a test video before starting on your real one. It would be a shame to record an awesome video only to find out your audio was missing!

Video Interview Tips - Content

1. Outline what you are going to say

Many times, video interviews will only let you record a one or two minute clip so it is important that you have a good idea of what you are going to say and fill every second with meaningful information.

2. Understand what the employer is looking for and tailor your response.

Before getting started with crafting your response, re-read the job description and do some reading about the company. Try to understand how this position fits in within the company and what you would actually be doing on a day-to-day basis. Then, plan your response such that you show the employer that you can fill that need.

3. Stay true to yourself

Part of what employer's are assessing in an interview is whether or not you would be a cultural fit. When it comes to fit, don't fake it. Be yourself and employers will better be able to evaluate whether or not you'd fit in with their company.

Video Interview Tips - Setting

1. Dress as you would for a in-person interview.

If you are interviewing for a startup and you would wear jeans in person, then wear jeans on video. However, if you are interviewing for a bank and you would wear a suit in person, then wear that instead. Remember, people's expectations of you don't change only because you are interviewing over video.

2. Pick a clean looking background, if possible a white or single color wall, and with good lighting.

Ideally, nothing should distract the employer from your image and what you are saying. Pick the simplest background you can. Additionally, make sure that the room is well lit and that the employer can clearly see your face and image. Like with the audio and image, test this on video if you have a chance, to make sure it's working well.

3. There cannot be any background noise.

Again, you want the employer to focus on what you are saying and not the phone, the television, your roommate or whatever other kind of noise might be happening in the background. Make sure you are in a quiet room and turn your cellphone off!

Video Interview Tips - Delivery

1. Don't read off the page.

Know your content from practicing, but don't write out a paragraph that you read off the page. The person watching the video can always tell and it makes for a very boring experience.

2. Be extra energetic.

Video isn't always the best at capturing your level of energy. Try recording a trial clip in front of the camera and test different levels of energy. Our video interview tip is that you should shoot for being slightly more energetic than you would be in person since it helps hold the viewers attention.

3. Talk extra clearly and slightly more slowly than normal.

Because you will not be there for employers to ask questions if they can't understand something you say, make sure you say everything clearly and slowly. Follow the old trick and enunciate as much as you can.

We hope these video interview tips were helpful. If you'd like to get more video interview tips and other relevant tips, visit our resources page.

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