Our Team


Elli Sharef


Elli is all about careers, and develops our online interviews. She loves talking to people about their career paths, so if you ever want to chat about your own plans, drop her a line at elli@hireart.com. Elli’s prior experience was on the Strategy team at the University of Phoenix and as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.


Nick Sedlet


Nick does engineering and product. He was previously a quantitative strategist at Goldman Sachs. He is fascinated by the labor market and how it is being changed by technology. You can reach him at nick@hireart.com.


Julia Averbuck


Julia is passionate about making sure people get jobs they love and is constantly coming up with new ways to improve the candidate experience. Julia is from Brazil and studied at Yale. Prior to joining HireArt, Julia worked at Voxy in New York. You can reach her at julia@hireart.com.


Roberto Thais


Roberto studied philosophy at Yale but that doesn't stop him from being an accomplished full-stack hacker. He previously co-founded GigMaven, which was acquired by ReverbNation. You can contact him at roberto@hireart.com.


Nathan Griffith


Nathan studied computer science at Yale and worked on developer tools at Microsoft. He's excited about making the job market more efficient, and builds features that help HireArt further that goal. You can reach him at nathan@hireart.com.


Dylan Shumway

Customer Service

Dylan makes sure that job applicants and employers get the help they need as quickly as possible. He's constantly looking for new ways to improve HireArt based on the feedback he gets. If you need anything, email him at dylan@hireart.com.


Iris Shih


Iris is responsible for the look and feel of the site. She believes that job-searching and hiring should actually be efficient and pleasant. Iris has a B.A. in Graphic Design from Yale.