Success Stories

Land a job without personal connections

I’m a journalist and had been working for a few years in newspapers and public radio. Now I’m using my editorial experience to pick important stories and bring those to life. This is my first time working at a start-up and I like it a lot. It’s a very nice and interesting space to be in.

I had applied online once or twice before, but this was the first time it worked. This was also the first time that there were no other connections, such as personal connections, which are normally super important in journalism.

Transition into start-ups from large corporations

After working for a few months in real estate investment banking, I realized I was in the completely wrong environment and decided to make the move to a start-up. I wanted to be a part of a business whose product I believe in and onefinestay was a perfect fit. Now I'm a manager at onefinestay and use HireArt to recruit new members to our team.

My biggest advice for people taking an online interview is to just be yourself. I would suggest not reading off a script and recording yourself multiple times, as this comes off as overly rehearsed and not genuine. Just tell the employer who you really are and how that makes you perfect for the position they are hiring for.

Return to the work force after a long break

I had been out of the workforce for almost five year after having two kids and was looking for a part-time position that was engaging and within my field of expertise: marketing. I had casually started looking for jobs, but hadn’t found any positions that allowed for the flexibility I wanted.

As a stay-at-home mom with a busy schedule, the Marketing Labs online interview was very convenient to do on my own time. It allowed me to gauge to employer’s interest in me as a candidate before going for an in-person interview, and having to arrange for a babysitter. I work from home now for Marketing Labs and love it!