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See Candidates Do Real Work

Don’t just rely on a resume. See people respond to customer inquiries, write prospecting emails, devise a social media campaign, demonstrate sales acumen, or other tasks that prove they can do the job.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Gain insight from real humans. HireArt’s team of graders review every applicant against a custom rubric, providing structured data on the traits and skills you care about.

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Focus on the Best Candidates

HireArt makes it easy to identify the most qualified applicants before conducting a single phone screen. Spend your time reviewing and working with the candidates that matter.

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High-Caliber Hiring at Scale

Scaled teams without compromising hiring ideals.

Google uses HireArt to scale their Driverless Car contractor teams nationwide. HireArt’s screening process ensures that contractors are held to the same hiring standard as their full-time workers at a cost-per-hire 80% lower than the national average.

Hiring Internationally

Assessed soft skills worldwide without cutting corners.

Airbnb’s rapid expansion into international markets necessitated a scalable, easy-to-implement screening solution. HireArt allowed them to make 400 hires worldwide, screen over 6,000 candidates, and achieve a 97% retention rate.

Hiring with Velocity

Reduced time-to-hire to win top talent in Silicon Valley.
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Rapid Growth

Maintained full candidate pipeline for roles in 20 markets.

With $74 million in funding, Shift’s growth began before they were able to implement a scalable internal recruitment process. HireArt allowed them to do so quickly and efficiently, accounting for 40 direct hires that were able to hit the ground running.

Critical Early Hires

Hired key team members with energy and passion.

TickPick, a seed-stage ticket marketplace, needed a cost-efficient way to make critical early hires. Using HireArt’s sourcing and screening capabilities, TickPick hired their 4th, 9th, and 10th team members at a cost-per-hire 81% lower than the national average.

Don’t make your next hire without seeing them in action first

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