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New York Start-up Jobs

Last Updated: January 24 2014 at 06:35pm EST
New York Startup Jobs

Over the last few years the New York Start-up scene has exploded. In the past, people used to believe that Silicon Valley was the only place to work in technology. In fact, many advisors and investors refused to invest anywhere outside of Silicon Valley. But in the past three years New York has seen an influx of start-ups. The recent sale of Tumblr, a New York start-up, has only increased this excitement. There are a few reasons why New York is such a great hub for start-ups:

  1. New York start-ups have great access to larger companies: The biggest industries in NYC are finance, media, fashion, and pharmaceuticals. Any companies that are related to those industries or are trying to sell into those types of companies would do well to be in the NYC area.
  2. NYC start-ups have access to more talented people than almost anywhere else. With over 8M inhabitants New York boasts some of the most creative, most intelligent and most ambitious people anywhere. Want to hire a great photographer? New York has more than anywhere else. Want to hire a great marketer? Here you can find marketers who have worked for the best brands.
  3. New Yorkers spend a lot of money. If you're making a consumer product, New York is a great place to find users with large pockets.

What does this mean for job seekers? It means that New York is a great place to work in at a tech start-up. It's a booming industry with thousands of new opportunities every year and a real need for talent. Start-ups appreciate job seekers who bring energy and talent. So check out the jobs that are available and apply quickly!

The major companies HireArt helps hire in NYC include:

  • onefinestay: onefinestay is a growth stage business pioneering a new category of city center accommodation. A unique and innovative business model, onefinestay offers visitors to London and soon New York the chance to stay in distinctive private homes as an alternative to a high-end hotel while the homeowners are away. In New York, onefinestay hires lot of entry-level smart and ambitious professionals who want to work in operations, marketing and customer service
  • YPlan: YPlan helps you be spontaneous by telling you about the best events, concerts and plays taking place in the next 48 hours. YPlan is expanding from London to New York and is hiring marketers.
  • FullStack Academy: FullStack is helping people learn how to code. If you want to impact education in a meaningful way, this is a great opportunity.
  • Flocabulary: Flocabulary is a New York start-up that helps kids learn difficult concepts through Hip Hop. Flocabulary is used in schools across the US and is hiring customer service and operations associates.
  • Oscar: This is a company that is transforming healthcare. Oscars founders believe that insurance should be simple and enjoyable. Join them to change the way we think of health.

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