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Phoenix, AZ

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Job Description

As an operations agent, you will use powerful tools and technology to deliver a high quality experience to our users.

Our customers rely on Fin to help them with nearly any kind of task, so they can focus on what is most important to them. They interact with Fin as if it were the most intelligent and capable human assistant or chief of staff, available 24x7 and able to work on many different requests at once.

To create this futuristic experience, as an operations agent you must be highly resourceful, able to efficiently complete information work, and care deeply about customer service.

But you must also work together with the rest of the operations team to encode all of your knowledge about each customer, the world, and the work you are doing in our knowledge system.

This knowledge system makes our team superhuman, by functioning as a'shared memory' allowing any team member to know everything learned by anyone else on the team and can provide a seamless and consistent experience to customers, who expect Fin to know everything about them. This knowledge system also gives you leverage to be far more efficient than an unassisted human through tools for automation and quality assurance.

Your job is as much the curation and programming of this knowledge system as it is directly helping customers live better lives.

What you'll do
  • 'Be Fin.' Speak to customers as Fin (through our app, email, text, and phone)
  • Help customers with the work they request efficiently and at high quality
  • Curate Fin's knowledge graph, the 'shared memory' of the operations team
  • Program known / repetitive workflows into our internal tools, using knowledge of people and process to automate any work that can be automated
  • Stay on top of new Fin policies, procedures, and features that affect our users
  • Troubleshoot internal and external issues related to product or processes
  • Help identify ways to make our processes more efficient
  • Outstanding communication skills with ability to interact and connect with many types of personalities
  • Comfort with learning and adapting to new technology
  • Ability to creatively use the Internet to find answers, quickly and efficiently problem solve and troubleshoot
  • Flexible schedule and ability to work rotating shifts (including nights and weekends)
  • Resourcefulness and the ability to operate independently with minimal oversight
  • Combination of customer service and/or sales experience a plus
  • A voracious appetite for life, curiosity about the world, and love of learning
  • Previous experience in event planning/coordinating or other high touch operations role.¬†
  • Concierge level customer service¬†
  • Hourly full-time job with highly competitive compensation
  • Health benefits and paid vacation days
  • Healthy office culture
  • Good vibes