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Operations Manager


New York, NY

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Job Description
In a few months, we’ve added hundreds of contract employees and millions to our payroll. As an operations manager you’ll oversee the entire hiring, screening, onboarding, and employment processes for contract employees across the country. You’ll work directly with the COO and CTO to help organize & document our processes, and help us to build technology to help us automate & scale. We envision you spending some portion of the time working directly with job-seekers and remote employees on a range of issues. We’d like you to use this knowledge to work with our product team to build tools & features to improve the candidate, employee and client experience.

What you'll do:
  • Work with our product team to create new features & tools to replace manual processes. Think  a new product feature would make life easier for our employees? Help build it.
  • Create and document new business processes. We have a lot of responsibility over the complex interplay between us, our employees, and our clients. We have to be organized and efficient so that we can scale while continuing to provide an excellent experience.
  • Be a point person for job-seekers & remote employees
    • Become an expert resource for benefits, payroll, and tax questions
    • Schedule interviews, negotiate offers, and manage employee onboardings
  • Help reinvent the employment experience. We want job-seekers & employers to love working together. How do we go above and beyond to make that happen? We’re interested in the things you can dream up:
    • Performance management
    • Professional development
    • Social events
    • Building an employee community
  • >=2 years of professional experience
  • HR experience is a plus

  • Diligent & organized
  • Process-oriented - can think about & improve business workflows. Understand how to automate tasks.
  • Tech- and product-oriented - can understand our product well & be able to make reasonably specific suggestions around UI improvements and automation
  • Personable
  • Savvy. Exercise good judgment in dealing with sensitive issues, and know when to escalate.
  • Resourceful & independent
  • Excellent writing - you will be representing our brand to candidates (& sometimes clients)
  • Excellent verbal skills 
Company Description
HireArt is a VC funded start-up in New York that is improving the way people get hired. We’re using technology to improve candidate screening and sourcing, which is helping our clients find phenomenal job applicants easily and quickly. At the same time we’re humanizing the applicant’s job search – everyone that applies to a job through HireArt knows where they stand in the hiring process.

Our clients tell us we deliver candidates that are a good fit for their companies and have dramatically reduced the time to hire. We are focused on web tech and web enabled companies and work with over 400 clients including Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Via, Google, and start-ups that are making their first hires.