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New York, NY

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Expected Salary
$15 per hour
Job Description

We're looking for great graders!! Are you an MBA or grad student? A former teacher? A college professor? Just a naturally judicious and discerning person?

We need you to grade video and written responses that are produced by people taking job simulation assessments. This is not the boring type of grading where you’ll be scanning paper after paper of put-you-to-sleep material. Quite the opposite.

You'll be grading every part of the HireArt application, from resumes to sample marketing pitches. You will be asked to determine whether candidates meet certain qualifications, then think critically about whether they are the right fit for the role. We will provide more details about our company and the position.

It's a great way to earn money on the side and have fun seeing a lot of different things as you’re grading.

  • A flexible schedule. We need candidates who can come to our offices every day, for a total of 20 hours per week. We think this role might be perfect for a grad student!
  • Detail-oriented and vigilant. You should be comfortable with doing tasks where many small details each have equal importance.
  • 2+ years professional experience (preferred)
  • Experience as part of a hiring process (preferred)
  • Experience teaching, grading, or evaluating (preferred)

Company Description

HireArt is a VC funded start-up in New York that is improving the way people get hired. We’re using technology to improve candidate screening and sourcing, which is helping our clients find phenomenal job applicants easily and quickly. At the same time we’re “humanizing” the applicant’s job search – everyone that applies to a job through HireArt knows where they stand in the hiring process.

Our clients tell us we deliver candidates that are a good fit for their companies and have drastically reduced the time to hire. We are focused on web tech and web enabled companies and work with over 400 clients including Facebook, eBay, Cisco, GAP, Google, and start-ups that are making their first hires.