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Operations Agent


New York, NY

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Expected Salary
$35,000 - $50,000 per year
Job Description

We're looking for an intelligent, multi-talented generalist to help shape a brand new role at HireArt!

You'll be involved in multiple facets of the company, from operations to sourcing and community relations (and any other amazing things we do on a daily basis).

  • Operations: Your primary responsibility is grading, the core of the HireArt platform. You'll be grading every part of the HireArt application, from resumes to sample marketing pitches. You will be asked to determine whether candidates meet certain qualifications, then think critically about whether they are the right fit for a given role. You'll also have the opportunity to assist with sourcing, marketing, and administration. 
  • Candidate Relations: Your relationship with the candidate can start with sourcing and continue post hire. You'll be communicating with our users via email and occasionally phone, to help them set up interviews, offer advice, field inquiries, and assist with on-boarding. 
We are a team built on respect, transparency, creativity, and collaboration, and all of these things are integral to how the company functions. Every single person on the team is smart and friendly, and brings a unique perspective to how we tackle challenges and make decisions (it bears mentioning that we've Escaped the Room multiple times!). 

On top of all of this, you also get a cabinet of healthy snacks, loads of coffee, espresso, and tea, as well as catered lunch every week. 

  • Must be detail-oriented, diligent, and proactive
  • Highly polished and effective communication
  • Willingness to jump into unfamiliar territory
  • 2+ years professional experience (preferred)
  • Some college (preferred)
Company Description

HireArt is a VC funded start-up in New York that is improving the way people get hired. We’re using technology to improve candidate screening and sourcing, which is helping our clients find phenomenal job applicants easily and quickly. At the same time we’re “humanizing” the applicant’s job search – everyone that applies to a job through HireArt knows where they stand in the hiring process.

Our clients tell us we deliver candidates that are a good fit for their companies and have drastically reduced the time to hire. We are focused on web tech and web enabled companies and work with over 400 clients including Facebook, eBay, Cisco, GAP, Google, and start-ups that are making their first hires.