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Job Interview Tips

Last Updated: January 24 2014 at 06:30pm EST

At HireArt, we focus on the online interview and thus highly recommend our video interview tips. However, we know that some of the basic job interview tips also apply to video interviews, so here are the job interview tips we think every candidate should keep in mind.

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips - Before the interview starts

1. Read the job description

It seems obvious, doesn't it? But many job applicants forget this most obvious of job interview tips! The job description is invaluable in that, if it is written correctly, it outlines what the employer is expecting from you. This is a blueprint of the skills you should have if you want the job. Read it, re-read it and think about what are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of this job.

2. Research the company

In this day and age, there are multiple resources that you can use to learn as much as possible about the company you are interviewing with. Start with their company site and use to make sure you understand the company's core business, mission and if possible, organizational structure. Next search for recent press the company might have received to stay abreast of recent developments. If they have a company blog, read the last couple of posts to see what has been a relevant topic of discussion for this company recently. All of this research will make for good conversation later.

3. Look up your interviewers on LinkedIn

If you receive your interviewers names ahead of time, this is a great opportunity to try to learn about them and what they do for the company. Use LinkedIn to understand their role, career trajectory and whether you have any shared interest. This is the kind of job interview tip that has only recently been made possible by technology, but which could give you a considerable leg up.

Job Interview Tips - Presentation

1. Find out what to wear

Read reviews on Glassdoor, ask friends who have interviewed or worked there or even ask your contact at the company if you are totally at a loss. If you cannot figure it out, then err on the side of caution and dress formally.

2. Bring a copy (or multiple copies) of your resume

Even though the interviewer will often have a copy of your resume, you will really be helping them out if they happen not to have one and you do. Some times interviewers slip up prepping, and it makes them feel more positively towards you if you can help them out. Also, often times interviewers expect you to have a copy of your resume.

3. Be on time

Enough said. Actually, be fifteen minutes early.

Job Interview Tips - While you are interviewing

1. Construct a narrative that makes sense

As you tell the story of your career, make sure that you explain your choices well and that this position makes sense as a next transition. Our careers typically make sense in our head, because we lived them, but make sure to really outline to the employer why you made the choices you did and how they all add up.

2. Listen to the questions

Sometimes it's easy to focus on the story you want to tell, and you forget to pay attention to what the interviewer actually wants to know. Make sure to address all of their questions and concerns about your experience as thoroughly as possible.

3. Establish a timeline

Towards the end of your interview, establish a timeline with the interviewer about what the next steps are. This way, you can know what to expect and avoid the interview jitters that normally ensue.

Job Interview Tips - The follow up

1. Send a thank you note

Just as you took time away from your day to interview, interviewers took time away from theirs to get to know you. Thank each interviewer individually for their time and if you can, send a hand-written note for an extra-nice touch.

2. Add your interviewers on LinkedIn, especially the ones with whom you connected

Even if you end up not getting the job, your interviewers are potential connections who could help you with other jobs in the future. Make sure to connect with them via LinkedIn and if possible, get their business cards.

This is it for our job interview tips. If you'd like to see more job interview tips, visit our resources page.

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