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How do we screen candidates?

Last Updated: May 13 2014 at 05:16pm EDT

For every job opening that you see on HireArt, the HireArt team screens every job applicant and determines whether or not to recommend them as a good fit for the job. We do this to help employers focus their time on the candidates that most closely meet the job requirements expected by the employer.

The first step in screening candidates is speaking to the employer and understanding what they are looking for in an open role. As soon as a role is posted, someone on our team talks to the hiring manager for the role and makes sure we are clear on what we should look for in applicants.

Next, one of our team members reads the applicant’s resumes and reviews each individual response to check whether the applicant meets the necessary criteria for the job. This same team member then decides whether an applicant is a good fit for the role.

If the applicant is a good fit for the open role, we mark them as a recommended candidate. When a candidate is recommended by HireArt, he or she is displayed in a prominent way to the employer. If an applicant is not selected as a recommend candidate, their information will still be sent to the employer. However, it will not receive the same differentiated display.

The employer can choose to contact any applicant regardless of whether they were recommended.

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