Simple Hiring.

As it should be.

Software and a service. Technology and people at work for you.


A fast, easy-to-use solution

No crafting job descriptions, drowning in resumes, or scheduling phone screens—we do all the heavy lifting. Sit back while we deliver quality candidates to your inbox.



Broad, optimized sourcing on your behalf

We analyze the performance of dozens of online sources and distribute your jobs across the best ones. Our growing database of over a hundred thousand pre-vetted candidates also means you'll start seeing applicants in just a few days.


Rigorous, fine-tuned screening by trained graders

Candidates complete simulated work tasks that bring out their personalities and test their skills. Applications are graded against a standardized rubric that lets you see exactly why each candidate was recommended to you.


What our clients have to say

"HireArt allows candidates to differentiate themselves by giving them a platform to go above and beyond, which is not possible in a resume."

Jill Riopelle
Head of Recruiting

"We hired about 15 people using HireArt over the course of just a few months—we were hiring rapidly, so having a platform like HireArt was perfect because it was so efficient, and they were so helpful!"

David Ramadge
Director of Local Commerce

"HireArt helps us scale our team quickly—a simple tool that doesn't cost too much and delivers high-quality applicants quickly."

Joyce Tang
Technical Project Manager

Hiring Exclusively for



Plans & Pricing

Receive a guaranteed number of applicants that meet your criteria and are ready for you to interview.

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Entry-Level Positions

Plans starting at


per hire

compared to $7,000
for a recruiter *

Mid-Level Positions

Plans starting at


per hire

compared to $12,000
for a recruiter *

Senior-Level Positions

Plans starting at


per hire

compared to $16,000
for a recruiter *

* based on a contingency fee of 20% for salaried positions with sample annual compensations of $35,000 (entry-level), $60,000 (mid-level), and $80,000 (senior-level)

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