GopherMe is an online marketplace that connects users with reliable people in their neighborhood who are willing and able to run errands and take care of skilled tasks for them.

How It Works
  1. Users select one of ten task categories (shopping/delivery, cleaning, moving, repairs, etc.) to indicate the type of help they need.
  2. They fill out a form indicating when and where the Gopher should go, and include any details necessary to complete the request.
  3. After submitting the form, users are shown a list of available Gophers to choose from, with reviews and hourly rates for each person.
  4. Users select their preferred Gopher, confirm the details of their task, and submit their request.
  5. Gophers are automatically notified when they've been selected and are required to accept or decline the job in the GopherMe's app.
  6. Gophers are paid at an hourly rate. Minimum task time is 1 hour.
Things to Know
Customer Service Responsibilities

GopherMe currently employs two full-time Customer Service representatives, one of whom is you! Your job is to monitor the phone, email, and online chat service and respond to or resolve user issues as quickly as possible. Inquiries can involve any of the following:

Customer Service representatives are not Gophers themselves but act as their and the customers' support team. You have the company's support to go the extra mile (e.g. providing refunds and discounts/coupons of up to 20% off), at your discretion, to make sure customers are happy and satisfied by their interactions with GopherMe.