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How Toyota Research Institute built a 100-person contingent workforce with a 94% retention rate and saved 35% using HireArt

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Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is the research and development arm of Toyota Motors. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Ann Arbor, MI and Cambridge, MA, they work to improve the quality of human life through advances in artificial intelligence, automated driving, robotics, and materials science.

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TRI requires access to top-tier talent.

TRI required consistent access to candidates with specialized skill sets, particularly those with experience working in the autonomous vehicle, robotics, artificial intelligence, and UX Research spaces. The range and specialization of the skill sets needed in contract roles made it impossible for a single agency to consistently source the candidates they needed.

While the agency partners TRI worked with proved to be a
good candidate sourcing resource in aggregate, managing multiple agencies through the candidate submission, interview scheduling, and onboarding process proved time consuming.

In fact, TRI hiring managers and their Talent team created a complex Google Sheet to manage interview scheduling, feedback, onboardings, track background checks, moving vehicle record monitoring, and drug testing for all agency candidates. By implementing HireArt, TRI was able to manage
the entirety of the recruitment process through a simple UI.

A poor contractor employment experience created turnover

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Despite an amazing culture and excellent internal employee engagement, TRI’s contingent workforce had turnover issues. Lack of transparency from their agency partners resulted in uneven pay, benefits, and PTO for contractors. Contractors working in the same role, on the same team, had different pay rates, wildly different benefits options, and access to little or no paid time off. This created poor morale amongst contractors and furthered challenges for managers.

By shifting their workforce to HireArt, Toyota Research Institute created a vastly improved employment experience, reduced turnover, increased their average contract length to 17 months, and achieved an 88.9 NPS score amongst contractors. Many of the contractor employment challenges TRI faced were able to be quickly rectified with HireArt. Using HireArt’s simple HRIS tool, TRI was able to configure an employment package (including HireArt’s industry best benefits) that met the needs of their workforce and had transparent visibility into pay-rates and could levelize pay. Importantly, they were also able to do so cost-effectively, as benefits and perks such as health insurance, PTO andpaid holidays are billed by HireArt at-cost

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