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How built a 1250-person contingent workforce with a 75.9% employee NPS score and $900,000 in savings/YoY using HireArt

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Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Scale is a data platform for Artificial Intelligence, providing high quality training data for leading machine learning teams. Their advanced LiDAR, image, Video, and NLP annotation APIs allow machine learning teams at companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, and General Motors. Additionally, they have a large Federal business supporting the United States Air Force and United States Army.

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Solving For Vendor Inefficiencies

The rapid growth of Scale’s Federal and Commercial business resulted in a large team of contractors. While Scale initially engaged with Allegis Group expecting a blend of sourcing and employer of record support, Allegis struggled to source on their behalf and instead Scale handled all recruiting and employed their contractors through an Allegis subsidiary called Populus Group.

Populus Group lacked a strong technology solution, leading to inefficient operational processes that made growth of Scale’s contract workforce seem daunting. Core employment processes, like new hire onboarding, were handled manually by Populus and Scale lacked self-serve tools and transparency.

To extend offer letters, conduct background checks, and get critical new-hire documents signed, Scale and a Populus Group account manager were forced to email back and forth endlessly. This workflow extended across dozens of day-to-day employment processes, like PTO accruals & requests, time & attendance approvals, expenses, bonus payments, and more.

One specific example, is that Scale’s weekly bonus payments were taking up to a month to be paid out, resulting in frustrated, unhappy contractors.

The HireArt platform provides Scale with crucial information and tools they previously did not have access to through their previous provider:

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  • Detailed visibility into candidate onboarding
  • Deep and readily available pool of candidates through HireArt’s Staffing Partner Network
  • Access to all signed onboarding docs
  • Real-time visibility into Background checks as they are completed
  • Access to benefits enrollment information (enrollment data was never available through Populus, making it very difficult to understand how much of their workforce was covered)
  • This enrollment data has assisted in Scale’s application for other government contracts
  • Bonus scheduling and paystub access
  • Scale can now initiate bonuses directly on the platform
  • They also have the ability to look directly at paystubs and confirm that bonuses have been paid out on schedule
  • This removed a lot of administrative headaches as bonus and payroll questions used to eat up a significant amount of their HR team’s time
  • This has also removed a huge point of friction for the workforce and has significantly improved morale on the team

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